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Latest amendments to the site are added at the top, so you can see if anything has changed since you last visited.

13 Oct 2021: Two minor mistakes located and corrected.
07 Sep 2019: Amendments throughout site to announce publication of 26th & 27th Proceedings.
15 May 2017: Transcript of First Proceedings now mentions deaths of P Bryan and M Harverson.
23 Jan 2017: Mistake identified and corrected.
28 Sep 2016: Amendment to society Officers.
23 Sep 2016: Officers updated and next conference details.
09 Dec 2015: New publication: 25th Proceedings. Added to indexes and order form.
15 Jul 2015: New format ISBN numbers added to details of older titles, plus venue of 2015 conference.
27 Oct 2014: Added venue of 2014 Conference.
07 Jun 2014: Coding changes to the First Proceedings to flag non-English words and for search engine optimisation.
01 May 2014: For some reason 20th Proceedings had been omitted from the author and subject indexes. This is now corrected.
29 Apr 2014: Various coding changes to main part of site to flag non-English words and for search engine optimisation.
14 Jan 2014: New book published, details added to several pages.
11 Jul 2013: Header changes to the First Proceedings for Opera users.
29 Jun 2013: Header changes to main part of the site to add functionality for users of the Opera browser.
28 Jun 2013: More changes to header code for the benefit of people who use screen readers.
21 May 2013: navigation .gif files replaced with .png files. Background graphic removed.
20 May 2013: Brand new page - papers indexed by author.
20 May 2013: Validated against W3C standards checker and minor corrections made.
19 May 2013: Minor corrections here and there.
18 May 2013: Technical coding changes to doctype and headers.
16 Feb 2013: More changes to paragraph coding in the 1st proceedings.
12 Feb 2013: Coding changes to terminate paragraphs on the main part of the site.
24 Nov 2011: Favicon added.
19 Nov 2012: Coding changes to replace obsolescent bold and italic formatting tags.
20 Nov 2011: Links added, as you may now order our books from the Mills Archive Trust.
03 Aug 2011: A few corrections to bring the site up to date.
28 Jan 2010: Details of new book. Various amendments. Text version of order form removed. Whole site reloaded.
08 Jan 2009: Redirect pages on the old site removed.
17 Jun 2008: Feedback form removed as the editor got fed up with deleting junk.
01 Feb 2008: One page renamed.
30 Aug 2007: 11th Proceedings now out of print, sales & order pages changed.
18 Mar 2007: The old site taken down.
15 Mar 2007: Minor correction plus we now have a new treasurer.
01 Mar 2007: New picture of books on opening page.
26 Feb 2007: Minor coding changes on 1st proceedings- whole site now W3C standards compliant.
21 Feb 2007: More behind the scenes coding corrections.
20 Feb 2007: Minor coding changes to meet W3C standards.
06 Feb 2007: The site now has proper error pages, just in case something goes wrong.
30 Jan 2007: Feedback form to replace email link.
03 Jan 2007: A few minor coding changes.
01 Jan 2007: Full hosting ordered, site reloaded on new server.
31 Dec 2006: New page, papers indexed by name.
29 Dec 2006: Factual corrections, new title, 21st Proceedings, added.
27 Dec 2006: Revised backgrounds based on scan of paper from a 18th century book.
02 Dec 2005: New title, 20th Proceedings, and minor updates here and there.
25 Jul 2003: Details of new book, the 19th Proceedings, added to the site.
08 Jun 2003: Code changes to reduce spam harvesting.
17 Nov 2002: Conference was held in Reading, site updated to acknowledge this.
04 Aug 2002: Venue of the Conference now unknown. Behind the scenes work is continuing on a web version of the Second Proceedings.
27 Mar 2002: New title, 18th Proceedings, now available: the Gazetteer of Windmills is out of print. Also a change in the officers of the society, and the 2002 Conference has moved.
24 Jan 2002: Layout improvement in Welsh Watermills paper (1st Proceedings).
22 Jan 2002: At last, the domain name is fully transferred to the new supplier.
17 Jan 2002: UK2 have still not changed the IPS-TAG. Reminder sent by fax and recorded delivery letter.
12 Jan 2002: The site is now controlled by the new supplier's nameservers. However, UK2 have not changed the IPS-TAG.
12 Jan 2002: Original of the faxed letter sent to's registered office to request release of the domain. Letter sent recorded delivery.
11 Jan 2002: Fax finally sent to their dispute resolution fax number as the only one available that works.
11 Jan 2002: A fax number is identified from's own domain registration information. Attempts to contact it reveal the number does not accept incoming calls.
11 Jan 2002: Attempts to locate a fax number for suggests they may be ex-directory.
11 Jan 2002: Form completed on page requesting release of domain to the new supplier. Their instructions request confirmation by fax, the number to be provided after completion of their on-line form. After completion of the form, no fax number is offered.
07 Jan 2002: Arrangements are made with another supplier to host the domain name.
24 Dec 2001: Domain renewal becomes active and an advertisement appears on this website. Note that we do not control this advertisement and do not endorse the service advertised.
11 Dec 2001: Experience of using as host for the domain name has not been a good one. The price advertised on their home page is low, but to be usable, extras have to be purchased which make them expensive. In order to avoid their penalty clause for moving within 2 years, the domain is renewed at the basic level only.
23 Oct 2001: Minor change now the 2001 Conference has taken place.
01 Jun 2001: If you have the Gazetteer, you can now download a copy of the report form.
24 Mar 2001: All books now post free! Minor updates to show this.
19 Mar 2001: After the AGM, officer's names updated.
22 Dec 2000: Contact and Copyright page, and this page added.
07 Dec 2000: Old pages removed and replaced with forwarding pages.
24 Oct 2000: New MRG pages go live.
23 Oct 2000: New book title added.
27 Aug 2000: Corrections to MRG pages
05 Aug 2000: MRG pages restructured, new index.
10 Jun 2000: Changed net software yet again.
18 May 2000: Finally got on line with own account.
11 May 2000: Account applied for
05 Apl 2000: MRG pages updated to show new book.
11 Feb 2000: Simplified MRG site goes on line.
10 Feb 2000: Simplified version of MRG pages prepared
29 Jan 2000: Technical changes made to MRG pages.
06 Jan 2000: Domain names pointed to a dummy site.
23 Dec 1999: Domain names requested.
06 Nov 1999: MRG pages amended to show new title.
31 Jul 1999: MRG pages given return links.
23 Jun 1999: Minor changes to MRG pages.
22 Apl 1999: Another MRG paper added.
30 Mar 1999: MRG pages updated to show publication of new title.
19 Mar 1999: Minor syntax checking and amendments.
14 Mar 1999: Another paper added to MRG first proceedings, review added to contents page.
12 Mar 1999: After a break to publish the next MRG book, another paper added to the on line version of the First Proceedings.
03 Dec 1998: Some changes made to direct search engines to ignore some pages.
22 Nov 1998: Work started on adding proceedings to MRG pages.
16 Oct 1998: Mills Research Group pages commenced.
06 Aug 1998: Work commenced on building the site off line.

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