Proceedings of the First Mill Research Conference 1983

The First Mill Research Conference was held at Luton, on the 22nd October, 1983. Its object was to present and discuss interim results of work in progress, rather than finished projects.

The following review was published in the Wind and Watermill Section Newsletter issue 19, by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) in April 1984: This valuable record of 9 papers read at the Mills Research Group Conference in October 1983 is now available as an A5 booklet. The papers range from "Small Computers for Mill Record Systems" (Bryan) to "Underground Mills in Iran" (Harverson). What is particularly useful is that the discussion which followed each paper has also been reproduced and raised a number of more useful points and observations.

The published proceedings (ISBN 0 9509758 0 x, new format would be 978-09509758-0-1) have been out of print for many years, and we are now able to offer an on-line copy of most of the book thanks to the permission of the authors, who retain copyright.

If you wish to contact any of the authors, please write to the MRG Secretary in the first instance. Please remember that many aspects of the subjects discussed here will have changed since the conference was held in 1983. Changes have affected the authors as well, and among those changes are the marriage of Phillipa Norchi to Tony Bryan on 16 June 1984, and the deaths of Michael Organ on 24 November 1985, Alan Freedman in 1995. Phillipa [Bryan] in 2016 and Michael Harverson on 2 March 2017.


Mill Poetry P Norchi
Small Computers for Mill Record Systems AA Bryan
The Rarest Tide Mill D Plunkett
A Note on the Military Use of Mills M Organ (waiting copyright clearance)
Doorways Opening off the Stone Floor in Smock and Tower Mills P Jarvis
Italian Watermills A Freedman
Mills on the Rivers Cray and Darent R Cumming (waiting copyright clearance)
Underground Mills in Iran M Harverson (omitted at author's request)
Watermills of South Wales DH Jones


Mr D Plunkett — Chairman
Mr AA Bryan
Mr R Cumming
Mrs K Davison
Mr A Freedman
Mr DH Jones
Miss P Norchi
Mr M Organ
Rev LJ Turner

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